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We do hope our caviar blog and recipes were of great help to all our foodies out there. This week we focus on the “ King of Cheeses” , the 28 month Parmigiano Reggiano. We have an interesting article on it’s history, creation, taste, health benefits and how to apply this ingredient. On this week is the delicious pumpkin risotto as well parmesan grissini sticks with black olive tapenade for starters, the main is monkfish with pancetta accompanied by baby leeks and parmesan cream and our dessert is French style chocolate tart with salted caramel ice cream.

As most countries ease on the lockdown regulations, restaurants and fast food outlets are crawling back to business. We need to discuss how the food industry will survive this pandemic, if at all. A lot of us will be affected or infected by the pandemic in terms of health and finances and might not order or eat out for the longest time. With so much uncertainty looming over us, when will we visit our favorite restaurants or food spots?

That said, this blog is set on helping you create these restaurant experiences that you are longing for from your home using step by step recipes and a platform to engage should you get lost or confused along the way. Being part of the food industry, our aim is to keep the torch burning in this dark time.

Next week we focus on the famous beef burger, how to make the best burger you have ever tasted. A lot of homemade burgers never come out looking or tasting like the one from your favorite burger joint. That’s about to change. There is a new burger joint coming up soon in big cities, BYOB , Build Your Own Burger…keep an eye out for that one.

To all American citizens across the globe, we wish you a beautiful Independence Day, keep safe as you celebrate this milestone.


Chef toys

18-8 Stainless steel, 1 drum for fine grating, Ideal for hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, Rotary grater, Ideal for parmesan cheese. Available at The Chefs Playground. This compact digital vacuum packing machine is simple to use and has a completely automatic sealing system with a manual sealing function for delicate [...]

Clement Jacket

Clement Chef Jackets are instantly recognized worldwide as the symbol of those in the top of their profession.  They aren’t just very stylish and of premium quality, they are also very highly functional pieces of clothing.
Cocktail Recipes

Clementine Cosmo

Cosmos are undoubtedly timeless classics - ask anybody who's watched Sex and the City and they will testify! We’ve decided to add a sexy twist to this cheeky number by adding clementine and chilli for a kick. You can have it on a night out, drink it at a celebration [...]

Will eating out survive the coronavirus?

It’s the question at the heart of every conversation with a chef or restaurant owner. Right now, the global pandemic is killing our industry – lockdowns and restrictions on trade and movement across the globe, social distancing, and just plain fear. Business has come to a halt. Some are exiting [...]
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Caviar was originally harvested by Russian and Persian fishermen in the Caspian Sea.  Caviar is harvested from ‘Sturgeon’ a common name for 27 species of fish. Caviar refers to unfertilized salt-cured fish eggs that include Ossetra, Sevruga and Beluga.   Beluga, this is caviar that consists of roe (eggs) of [...]
Favourite Foodie Destinations

5 Foodies destinations worth a detour

Praia Prawns - 9th Avenue, Main Road, Walmer Port Elizabeth. Beautiful Portuguese deli serving some amazing delectable artisan foods. Check out their tomahawk steak, farm churned fresh butter. World-class deli worked and managed by a family-husband, wife and son team. Their Portuguese chicken is also world-class. Follow on Instagram @praiaprawns & [...]
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Beluga & Labneh

Ingredients: Beluga Caviar  - 15 grams Labneh - 35 grams Cucumber  - 5 grams Charcoal Blinis (See Blinis Recipe)  - 25 grams   Method: Using a bowl, micro grate the pellets cucumber into the labneh, add salt and pepper. Place the labneh into an attractive serving bowl and generously spoon [...]

Favourite chef tools & gadgets

Aladin Smoke Machine: This is a great tool for aromatising and smoking food. It is hand held and portable therefore allowing it to be used even on smaller dishes.  Spherification: This is a culinary process that employs sodium alginate and either calcium chloride or calcium glucate lactate to shape a [...]

My favourite tableware

Custom made plates by The Chefs Playground. They are offered in various shapes and sizes, you can have your personal variation for any order of 12 plates . We work with a number of artisans and pottery makers to give you the highest quality of tableware. The tableware is designed [...]

Branded Aprons

We offer some of the highest quality chef aprons on the market; created using premium fabric and technology. We offer variations whether you are looking for a traditional cooking apron, a waist apron, or a bib apron, we are sure to have one to suit your needs. These come in [...]

We need to talk about mental health

A restaurant kitchen is not called a pressure cooker for nothing. Hot, cramped, crowded and pressurised. It’s a danger zone for accidents and explosions, both human and mechanical. And it’s become a danger zone of a different kind – for mental health problems, stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, all [...]
Cocktail Recipes

Whisky Sour

Some describe it as an after-dinner pleasure, others a sturdy wake-up call. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny the Whisky Sour cocktail is one of the world’s most iconic and classic barroom innovations. But have you ever tried to make one yourself?  To help you from making a mess and [...]
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Mallard Duck

The Mallard, or Wild Duck, probably the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks, is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the world including North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. It is a dabbling duck that breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Eurosiberia, and North Africa and [...]
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Duck Creme Brulee

Ingredients: Egg Yolks – 6 Large Caster Sugar, plus more for the top  – 4 tbsp Double Cream – 500 ml Vanilla pod – 3 grams Method: Beat the egg yolks and sugar together in a heatproof bowl. Heat the cream to just below boiling point and pour over the [...]
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Duck Confit

A simple mallard duck confit recipe. Duck confit is a classic French preparation that produces silky, tender meat that can be preserved (what "confit" means in French) for a long period of time, thanks to the protective, air-blocking seal formed by the fat that the duck is submerged and cooked [...]
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Duck Foie Gras

Foie gras is a duck liver fattened through a labour-intensive force-feeding process known as gavage. The process dates back to ancient times when Egyptians force-fed domesticated geese upon discovering that waterfowl developed large, fatty livers after eating large amounts in preparation for migration. The gavage practice spread across the Mediterranean [...]
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Simple duck liver parfait

Duck liver mousse or parfait is a classic of the French kitchen that has been adopted across the world. Why? Because it is quick to make and utterly delicious to eat. For a pre-dinner snack or as canapés at the grandest party, this simple pâté can excel in any situation. [...]
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Duck Parfait – Duck Rillette

Duck Parfait - Duck Rillette - Watercress - Truffle Aioli, Grape, Apricot Ingredients: Duck Legs – 4 Large Duck Fat – 20 grams Pink Pepper Corns – 5 grams Maldon Sea Salt – 5 grams Prunes – 5 grams Dried Morels– 5 grams Mixed Peppercorns Green, Pink, White – 2 grams Duck Liver – 100 grams Butter – [...]

Clement Chef Jacket

Matching style and class with luxury and comfort, our Clement chef jackets are manufactured in France using the highest quality materials and practices. This Chef Jacket is available on


40 Essential tools a chef can’t live without

Obsessed foodies everywhere have a kitchen crammed full of the latest fancy kitchen tools. With the newest gadgets and gizmos promising to do everything a whole load better than anything before, it is easy to see how state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets grab our attention. Of course, it’s important to have a [...]

Coronavirus impact on restaurants

Carnage on the streets   It may sound melodramatic – and eating out might seem like a frivolous worry in a global health crisis – but the reality is that restaurants are an industry that creates employment, not just enjoyment. And carnage seems the only way to describe what lies [...]
Cocktail Recipes

Porn Star Martini

The ostentatious, two-vessel assemblage—vodka, passion fruit, lime and vanilla in one glass, a shot of sparkling rosé Champagne on the side—was a sensation in the early 2000s. Its fame was doubtless spurred along by its provocative name. Though once widely drunk in the U.K., Ireland, USA & South Africa it [...]