Will eating out survive the coronavirus?

It’s the question at the heart of every conversation with a chef or restaurant owner. Right now, the global pandemic is killing our industry – lockdowns and restrictions on trade and movement across the globe, social distancing, and just plain fear. Business has come to a halt. Some are exiting [...]

We need to talk about mental health

A restaurant kitchen is not called a pressure cooker for nothing. Hot, cramped, crowded and pressurised. It’s a danger zone for accidents and explosions, both human and mechanical. And it’s become a danger zone of a different kind – for mental health problems, stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, all [...]

Dishwashers – The unsung heroes of the kitchen

Washing dishes and hauling garbage might seem like the lowliest of kitchen jobs, with zero glamour or celebrity potential, but no restaurant can function without them. No clean pots to cook in? No clean plates to serve food on? Restaurant at a standstill. A stuff-up of note. Many of the [...]

Foie gras – The forbidden love affair

This is how a love affair starts.   At age 15 I had just finished three months working as a stagiaire in one of Paul Bocuse’s restaurants in Lyon. Three months of back-breaking (and unpaid) work, 18-hour days of dawn patrols and late nights, a summer spent peeling onions, gutting [...]

Coronavirus impact on restaurants

Carnage on the streets   It may sound melodramatic – and eating out might seem like a frivolous worry in a global health crisis – but the reality is that restaurants are an industry that creates employment, not just enjoyment. And carnage seems the only way to describe what lies [...]