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5 foodie destinations

21 Jul: 5 Foodie Destinations

La Lampara Italian Restaurant is located in Midlands on a lovely farm owned by the Canderle family. The cuisine here is traditional Italian serving delicious pizza’s in the wood burning pizza oven, to perfectly sauced pastas and an amazing selection of meat and fish dishes.

Clement Aprons

21 Jul: Aprons

Not to complain but cooking three meals a day for months on end isn’t something any of us were fully prepared for going into quarantine especially with blender explosions… If only we had… a cute apron… A kitchen accessory that once felt limited to retro homemakers, messy kids, or professional chefs definitely serves a place in the modern post-COVID kitchen.

Most Expensive Gins

21 Jul: Most Expensive Gins

Even for gin lovers, gin isn’t a spirit you expect to spend a lot of money on. It’s not like whiskey with barrels that often sit for 8, 12 or 18 years, or like mezcal that is made from agave plants that can take decades to grow.

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21 Jul: 101 Ways To Cook Perfect Potatoes

It’s credited with the rise of the Western world and industrialised agriculture; it’s been associated with witchcraft, and its flowers worn by royalty have sparked fashion trends; artists have painted it and there are at least 13 museums around the globe dedicated to it.