Cocktail Recipes

Clementine Cosmo

Cosmos are undoubtedly timeless classics - ask anybody who's watched Sex and the City and they will testify! We’ve decided to add a sexy twist to this cheeky number by adding clementine and chilli for a kick. You can have it on a night out, drink it at a celebration [...]

Whisky Sour

Some describe it as an after-dinner pleasure, others a sturdy wake-up call. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny the Whisky Sour cocktail is one of the world’s most iconic and classic barroom innovations. But have you ever tried to make one yourself?  To help you from making a mess and [...]

Porn Star Martini

The ostentatious, two-vessel assemblage—vodka, passion fruit, lime and vanilla in one glass, a shot of sparkling rosé Champagne on the side—was a sensation in the early 2000s. Its fame was doubtless spurred along by its provocative name. Though once widely drunk in the U.K., Ireland, USA & South Africa it [...]