Favourite chef tools & gadgets

Aladin Smoke Machine:

This is a great tool for aromatising and smoking food. It is hand held and portable therefore allowing it to be used even on smaller dishes.


This is a culinary process that employs sodium alginate and either calcium chloride or calcium glucate lactate to shape a liquid into squishy spheres, which visually and texturally resemble roe. It is ideal for fine dining restaurants, banqueting and mixology.

Nitro Glass:

This tampered bowl is ideal for the presentation of ice creams and sorbets made in front of the customer with the smoke coming out of the spout creating a beautiful illusion. Ideal in the bar for  molecular mixology, or authentic presentations for catering or events with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Sous Vide:

The sous-vide technique (cooking in a bag) is used to enhance the flavour of the food, cooking it at a controlled low temperature for a long time. It has gained much popularity over the years and is now used in many of the fine dining restaurants. Food can be cooked via sous vide then stored in a blast chiller to be used later on, it is a great way to preserve food.

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  1. Maggie Bloom

    The smoker and sous vide, looking forward to shopping for these soon

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