Foie gras is a duck liver fattened through a labour-intensive force-feeding process known as gavage. The process dates back to ancient times when Egyptians force-fed domesticated geese upon discovering that waterfowl developed large, fatty livers after eating large amounts in preparation for migration. The gavage practice spread across the Mediterranean then into France in the late 16th century. French chef Jean-Joseph Clause is credited with creating the first pâté de foie gras in 1779. He patented the dish in 1784. He received 20 pistols from the food-loving King Louis XVI as a form of gratitude for his culinary genius, according to The Spruce.

Foie gras is now a staple in France’s gastronomical heritage, it has a smooth texture and rich taste. It’s most commonly served as a pâté with brandy, seasonings and truffles; pureed and spread atop toast; cooked in a terrine, or seared whole. It is pricey due to the feeding labour and massive amount of feed needed to create the end product.

However over the years, it has become quite a controversial dish, Animal rights and welfare activist groups such as the Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Legal Defense Fund have contended that foie gras production methods, and force-feeding in particular, constitute cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. In modern gavage-based foie gras production, force-feeding takes place 12–18 days before slaughter. Specific complaints include livers swollen to many times their normal size, impaired liver function, expansion of the abdomen making it difficult for birds to walk, death if the force-feeding is continued, and scarring of the esophagus, but this will be a blog for another day.

The duck being the dynamic bird that it is, a lot of delicious dishes can be extracted of a single duck and it’s by products namely an egg creme brulee, decadent duck breast and the duck buffet. In these Covid19 times, going to a restaurant has become a strenuous task as a lot of caution and thought must be put into it. These incredible duck recipes, that will be showcased on this blog, will ensure you shine each time you set a duck dish on the table for you and yours.