Canal Bank Cafe Canal, Upper Lesson street, Dublin is notorious for their chicken wings – They undoubtedly have the best chicken wings this side of New York City and would beat most New York hit spots. Follow on Instagram

Daffodil Mulligan, City road, Old street London – The smoked pork chops is one of the best dishes I have had this year for sure. They are a fantastic interpretation on New Irish food by Richard Corrigan. Follow on Instagram
Mauro’s – Harbour Edge, St Francis Bay have a renowned reputation for their spaghetti carbonara. It is as world – class as their olive ciabatta pizza bread. Prime, supreme cooking by Mauro the chef patron….. well worth a detour.
Instagram @maurosstfrancisbay and on Facebook

Africa Black Coffee Johannesburg – This is truly bespoke coffee roasting, some of the best 100% Arabica coffee I have tasted.  I love the Ethiopia-Sidamo blend… need to check them out on Follow on Instagram @Africablackcoffee

Highlands Road Wine Elgin South Africa – I am truly enjoying some of their blends especially enjoyed the Sine Cara you can order online at Follow on Instagram @highlandsroadwine

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