We do hope our caviar blog and recipes were of great help to all our foodies out there. This week we focus on the “ King of Cheeses” , the 28 month Parmigiano Reggiano. We have an interesting article on its history, creation, taste, health benefits and how to apply this ingredient. On this week is the delicious pumpkin risotto as well parmesan grissini sticks with black olive tapenade for starters, the main is monkfish with pancetta accompanied by baby leeks and parmesan cream and our dessert is French style chocolate tart with salted caramel ice cream.

As most countries ease on the lockdown regulations, restaurants and fast food outlets are crawling back to business. We need to discuss how the food industry will survive this pandemic, if at all. A lot of us will be affected or infected by the pandemic in terms of health and finances and might not order or eat out for the longest time. With so much uncertainty looming over us, when will we visit our favorite restaurants or food spots?

That said, this blog is set on helping you create these restaurant experiences that you are longing for from your home using step by step recipes and a platform to engage should you get lost or confused along the way. Being part of the food industry, our aim is to keep the torch burning in this dark time.

Next week we focus on the famous beef burger, how to make the best burger you have ever tasted. A lot of homemade burgers never come out looking or tasting like the one from your favorite burger joint. That’s about to change. There is a new burger joint coming up soon in big cities, BYOB , Build Your Own Burger…keep an eye out for that one.

To all American citizens across the globe, we wish you a beautiful Independence Day, keep safe as you celebrate this milestone.