18-8 Stainless steel, 1 drum for fine grating, Ideal for hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, Rotary grater, Ideal for parmesan cheese. Available at The Chefs Playground.

This compact digital vacuum packing machine is simple to use and has a completely automatic sealing system with a manual sealing function for delicate foods. The open end of the filled vacuum bag is placed in the tray, the lid is simply clicked down and the sealer automatically vacuums and seals in just a few seconds. Waterproof controls, integrated cable storage and a dishwasher safe lower tray make for effortless vacuum sealing at home. Available at The Chefs Playground.

Pressure cookers cut short your cooking time by up to two-thirds. They should really be renamed fast cookers. If you live in places of high altitude and you’re not pressure cooking, start NOW. It’ll save your life. Available at The Chefs Playground.