Chef toys

18-8 Stainless steel, 1 drum for fine grating, Ideal for hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, Rotary grater, Ideal for parmesan cheese. Available at The Chefs Playground. This compact digital vacuum packing machine is simple to use and has a completely automatic sealing system with a manual sealing function for delicate [...]

Clement Jacket

Clement Chef Jackets are instantly recognized worldwide as the symbol of those in the top of their profession.  They aren’t just very stylish and of premium quality, they are also very highly functional pieces of clothing.

Favourite chef tools & gadgets

Aladin Smoke Machine: This is a great tool for aromatising and smoking food. It is hand held and portable therefore allowing it to be used even on smaller dishes.  Spherification: This is a culinary process that employs sodium alginate and either calcium chloride or calcium glucate lactate to shape a [...]

My favourite tableware

Custom made plates by The Chefs Playground. They are offered in various shapes and sizes, you can have your personal variation for any order of 12 plates . We work with a number of artisans and pottery makers to give you the highest quality of tableware. The tableware is designed [...]

Branded Aprons

We offer some of the highest quality chef aprons on the market; created using premium fabric and technology. We offer variations whether you are looking for a traditional cooking apron, a waist apron, or a bib apron, we are sure to have one to suit your needs. These come in [...]

Clement Chef Jacket

Matching style and class with luxury and comfort, our Clement chef jackets are manufactured in France using the highest quality materials and practices. This Chef Jacket is available on

40 Essential tools a chef can’t live without

Obsessed foodies everywhere have a kitchen crammed full of the latest fancy kitchen tools. With the newest gadgets and gizmos promising to do everything a whole load better than anything before, it is easy to see how state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets grab our attention. Of course, it’s important to have a [...]

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